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Robin Holloway's 75th birthday year begins with the publication of a tribute by composer and past-pupil Peter Seabourne in Musical Opinion Quarterly.

"As a callow young man, I recall vividly the first one-to-one encounter with my new composition teacher, Robin Holloway. He was standing under an old yew tree outside his Cambridge home, eating berries. "Try these!" he said, "it's only the pip that's poisonous - they taste like pink clouds!" Somehow both description and intent are appropriate to Robin's work and aesthetics: whilst dallying with the peril within, he has dared to savour the exotic fruit surrounding it ...and found it good."

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Holloway the Progressive - article in Musical Opinion Quarterly

This is the definitive website for the work of Robin Holloway, composer, teacher and writer. 

The site contents, largely written and presented by Robin Holloway himself, include the following:

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for an audio-visual overview
of Robin Holloway's
Haydn transcription project.

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  • a detailed catalogue of compositions by Robin Holloway, with written / audio commentaries;
  • facsimile images of Robin Holloway's scores, working documents and memorabilia;
  • links to composition-specific web pages by Robin Holloway's publisher, Boosey & Hawkes;
  • links to other relevant sites, including an archive website featuring extracts from Robin Holloway's book On Music: Essays and Diversions and retailers who stock commercial recordings of Robin Holloway's work;
  • details of Robin Holloway's project to transcribe Haydn's string quartets for piano duet, including click-to-play audio and facsimile illustrations.   

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Scroll down for a 23-minute audio interview with Robin Holloway.




The audio player on the right features a 23-minute audio recording in which Robin Holloway talks about music, and specifically about how his work fits into the continuum of the development of music in the 20th and 21st centuries. 

The interview, conducted by Paddy Gormley in 2008, also explores the interrelationships between Robin Holloway's composing, teaching and writing. 






Click on the image on the left for a full list of compositions by Robin Holloway with extensive links to detailed commentaries, composition-specific pages in Boosey & Hawkes' website and retailer websites where commercial recordings of Robin Holloway's work may be found. 

Many of the commentary pages include slide-shows, featuring facsimile pages of manuscripts, notebooks and illustrations from Robin Holloway's private library. 

Some also include audio introductions with recprded excerpts.  Click on the image below for one such, based on Gilded Goldbergs, Op. 86 and the Hyperion recording by the Micallef-Inanga Piano Duo

See the Compositions page for further audio presentations with music illustrations (including Sea Surface Full of Clouds and the Second and Third Concerti for Orchestra). 

Click for the Gilded Goldbergs page, including an audio introduction with recorded excerpts

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