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In the early 1990s, Robin Holloway transcribed Haydn's string quartet, op. 42, for piano duet.  This was one of the many quartets not included in the 19th century Peters Edition transcriptions of selected Haydn Quartets. 

This initative was to be the first step in a long term project: to fill the remaining gaps in the cycle of transcriptions begun by Peters

Robin Holloway speaks about the project in the click-to-play audio interview on the right:  total running time c. 14 minutes. 

While playing the interview, you may like to scroll down to watch the pageant of images from the project, beginning with facsimiile pages from Robin Holloway's project diary, and illustrating how one section of the quartet, op. 77 no. 2, made the transition from its original form into manuscript, and thence into beautiful, hand made prints. 

The transcriptions were completed in 2008 in time for Haydn's bicentenary celebrations. 

The presentation ends with facsimile images of A Framing Hommage for Haydn's Unfinished String Quartet, op. 103, offered for the bicentenary of Haydn's death by Robin Holloway

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